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100% ECO-Packaging

  • Improve Posture
  • Elevate Efficiency
  • Ease Back Pain
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The stylish BackSnug 100% Memory Foam Lumbur Support Pillow soothes back pain, corrects posture, and holds firmly in place. It’s the ideal back support pillow for gaming chairs, work chairs, wheelchairs, and car seats.

Work, game or code for longer in luxurious comfort, while improving your posture and spine alignment and keeping your back cool with the Lumbar Support Cushion.

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Is this a Memory Foam Pillow

Yes. The lumbar support cushion is 100% memory foam.

Is The Cover Washable

Yes. The back support pillow has a cover that can be unzipped and washed in the washing machine.

Will The Pillow Move or Slip

No. Once the adjustable back cushion stap is correctly fastened around your chair it will hold firmly in place.

Will The Pillow Fit Me

The lumbar support pillow is Universal fitting and will fit children and adults.

Is The Cover Breathable

Yes, the pillow cover is made of breathable mesh, which helps reduce back sweat, keeping you cooler.